Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Approximately 60. You can find the complete list on our website.

You may request a non-standard currency by sending an email to specifying your needs and we will confirm its availability.

Ria is authorised and regulated by HMRC with the highest quality standards and security measures in place so you can be sure are your order is completely safe.

No, sorry, our services are only available to persons over 18 years of age.

Our security measures and note validation processes ensure that all notes supplied by Ria have been verified and are of high quality. We do not supply damaged, mutilated or counterfeit notes.

Contact us at and we will confirm if there are any current promotions from which you can benefit.

Official exchange rates are a reference from which purchase and sale rates are obtained. Foreign currency providers use these official exchange rates to calculate the exchange rates which are applied to retail transactions. The difference between these rates provides Ria with a revenue in order to provide our services and cover operating expenses.

Unfortunately, no. We only supply foreign banknotes.

You may request your banknote denomination requirements by emailing us at We will make every effort to meet your request but cannot guarantee the availability of each type of banknote.

This forms part of RIA’s customer due diligence for currency exchange transactions.

This information is required so we can let you know the date on which the foreign currency will be available for collection. In certain cases, we may need to inform you that the foreign currency ordered may not be available on the specified day.

We require this information to ensure that the person named on the reservation is the same as the person who collects the foreign currency.

You will receive an automatic email confirming your reservation. We will send you a second confirmation email when your order is available for pickup at your selected collection point.

If you have not received an order confirmation email from us with a reference number, your order has timed out and has not been processed, you will need to restart the order process. You can contact if you have any concerns.

Yes, the foreign currency sales can be booked on the website and brought to any one of our stores. We only accept banknotes in good condition.

No, we are only able to purchase foreign banknotes.

Unfortunately, no. We are unable to modify a reservation once confirmed. The order must be cancelled by sending an email to

Yes, it is possible. Just go to the first foreign currency reservation summary and prior to confirming, select the ‘Add another currency’ option.

This may be due to several reasons. If the minimum amount of £50 is not entered or the maximum of £1,999.99 is exceeded, the calculator will change the amount. Also note, we only supply foreign banknotes, not coins. The currency amount will be adjusted based on the nearest note denomination available in that currency.

Most banks do not have 60 foreign currencies readily available. Ria may have the foreign currency available in 2-3 business days or earlier, while banks may require a week or more. In addition, in many cases, processing charges and/or exchange rates may be less favourable.

The currency exchange bureau at airports usually have different types of foreign currencies, but in many cases, higher processing charges or unfavourable exchange rates.

Yes, please email us at and we will contact you to discuss further.

No, it is sufficient to produce valid identity documentation. Should you have any questions regarding the required documentation for your nationality, please send an email to

We have 8 prime locations in London, Manchester and Birmingham to collect your travel money. Please check the online locator on our website.

Yes. However, we advise you to contact the branch prior to collection on weekends as the opening hours may vary. All our branches, except for our Dalston branch, are open 7 days a week. You can find the list of our branches and their opening hours here.

Currency exchange is only possible at one of our 8 own stores or on our website. Our Ria Money Transfer agents do not offer Ria currency exchange.

Payment can be made at the store, by cash or debit card, at the time of collection.

We only accept Visa and MasterCard debit cards issued in the UK. We do not accept credit, corporate or business bankcards for personal transactions.

Unfortunately, not yet. You can make the payment by cash or debit card at the collection point during the time of collection.

Unfortunately, no. Payments must be made a debit card or by cash or debit card at the collection point during the time of collection.

£1,999.99 is the maximum amount which may be reserved on the website. Larger amounts can be purchased. Please contact us at if you require a higher amount.


No. For security reasons, the person reserving the currency and the person collecting the currency must be the same.

No. Due to security reasons, the person named on the reservation and the cardholder paying for the reservation must be the same.

The collection must be made no more than 3 days after receiving the order confirmation.

Once the exchange rate is confirmed, the reservation will be kept until the order is collected, with the rate guaranteed, up to a maximum of 3 days.

No, you will have to make a new reservation. The prevailing exchange at that time will be applied.

There are no cancellation charges for reservations to be paid in-store.

Yes, you must identify yourself with a valid identity document.

We do not offer a home delivery service at this time. However, we have collection points at prime locations. Please find our locations here.

Please use our money transfer website.